Flu be gone!

Jacob finally got to sleeping in his own bed and through the night a few days ago. But I found myself waking up in the middle of the night (1) worried that something was wrong because he was quiet/sleeping, (2) habit from the previous week.  I have to say I did really enjoy cuddling/sleeping with Jacob even though he rolls around, kicks, sits up and cries for a second. As happy as I was he was better and able to sleep by himself again, I missed the cuddling.

My little rosy-cheeked cuddle bug

I was home Thursday and Friday with Jacob since the nanny was still out sick. I was actually supposed to go to Cancun with a few girlfriends but for one reason or another, I had to cancel on the trip.

It worked out since Jeff couldn’t get off work and Jacob was still glued to my butt. I could not leave the room without him calling out for me. He wouldn’t sit in his booster chair and had to sit on my lap for every meal.  I could barely separate myself from him long enough for Jacob to take a bath.  Jeff could not even read him a bedtime story or put him down to sleep.

I began to wonder what is going to happen when our nanny is back to work next week. Is he going to freak out? I am dreading going back to work as well because as much as I could use some ‘me’ time, I know I will miss him. I also wondered, I wonder if I could be a stay-at-home mom (SAHM)? I don’t think I could. As much as I love playing with him, going to the library for Storytime with him, taking him to music class, I know some day very soon he will need more stimulation and guidance than what the nanny or his parents could provide.

Back to the beach
Appetite is a very slow return to normal
He did love this Popeye’s Acai smoothie! Thank you, Nectar!
Cleaning up around the neighborhood
Not glued to me here!

And as much as I complain about work, I do love my job and my profession and am happy to do what I do for work.  There is no other job (in or out of medicine) that I would rather do!

I took him to a nearby preschool for a tour during the week and he LOVED all the new toys, the students and teachers, the new environment. The School Director thought he was ready. Unfortunately, there was only a waiting list and who knew how long that waitlist was. So, I’ll have to keep looking to see what schools are available and how this would work out with our nanny and schedule.

Thankfully, this week will be a short week. My baby cousin, Andrew, is coming to town! and then next week we’re on vacation to sunny Hawaii!!! I know it makes no sense to complain about the cold winter weather here in San Diego when it’s 70 degrees. It rained and was grey all last week! It was perfect for wanting to cuddle, play and watch TV/movies indoors.

Happy Monday, everyone! It is a holiday today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Library Storytime. One day he will listen to the stories
His fav place- the hardware store!


Influenza confirmed

Jacob has the flu. I took Jacob to the doctor on Wednesday and she did a nasal swab that he did not enjoy… and it was positive. We’re supposed to take Tamiflu twice a day for 5 days. Now, let me tell you, that Tamiflu does NOT smell amazing. Jacob took the 5mL (1 teaspoon) okay for the first few times but then Thursday night, he spit about half of it out. So today is Saturday, and I’m not sure exactly how much of this is getting into his system. Luckily, he hasn’t had any fevers since Wednesday and now he has a cough but is playful and his usual tantrum self these days.

Beach baby! He is fighting this flu!

Jeff left to go to Mexico early Friday morning. I was nervous because if Jacob got worse, I didn’t want to have to do this alone.  You’d think an ‘experienced’ mother and physician myself would be able to handle things by herself… but not this lady! I am the kind of person who will treat a temperature (tympanic membrane of 100.4) because that is borderline fever and I’d treat it as prevention!

Jacob is rejecting the Tamiflu- I’ve hidden it in yogurt squeeze, whipped cream, applesauce and even ice cream and he sees through everything! I put some in his milk that he is nursing very slowly throughout the day. I need to get a refill on the medication because I’ll run out with all these attempts before the required 5 days of treatment!

He likes to bathe in luxury! Snack and beverage in hand!

The nanny also started presenting with cold symptoms as well. She went to the ER today and got diagnosed with the flu. She was supposed to come this afternoon but had to cancel. This was the first time she’s cancelled. It gives me a feeling of sheer terror if she calls in sick because we have no back up. We have no plan B, C, D. She is all we have! Luckily, I am not working on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Jeff is pre-call and off on Wednesday so Tuesday is our only issue day. We’ve never had to face this dilemma before!

There is something going around San Diego these last few weeks. It is flu season. I never really noticed or cared so much until now! I hope the rest of you all stay healthy this season.

Breakfast of champions
Contemplating life

What Happens when your child is sick

What happens when your own child is sick is that all medical school training and practical knowledge go out the window.

Yesterday,  Jacob awoke from his nap feeling hot. I had the luck of taking a nap with him in the afternoon so I thought it was my body heat contributing to his temperature. But it wasn’t. The temporal artery thermometer was registering under 100.4 but I knew that wasn’t right because he felt hot to me! So I took a tympanic temperature and it was 102.8+. Oh no, so I grabbed the Advil, rechecked the dose and gave him Advil 5mL.

He acted the same, ate dinner the same, I encouraged fluids like orange juice and milk. We gave him a bath and off to sleep he went. I always hesitate when he is sick- do I sleep with him, do I let him cry it out, what do I do???


This morning, he wasn’t standing up in bed but he was rolling around. So before I walked out the door, I picked him up. Thankfully I did because his cheeks were rosy and he was hot to the touch. Again, the forehead thermometer registered afebrile and the tympanic thermometer was registered 102.5+ degrees. Luckily, we had some Advil at the house! We had finished the infants’ Advil yesterday and I asked my husband to go buy more in case we needed some in the middle of the night. (Pat on the back, applause!!)

Where /how did he get sick? Was it because we took him to a New Year’s Day party where there were other health professionals? There was a bowl with Chex Mix that everyone’s hands had touched. Was it the zoo yesterday? He barely got out of the stroller? Hm… where did it come from?

Party Animal
Exploring what he wanted to see first.
Don’t worry, this is not a real elephant.

He was super clingy and sad with me leaving this morning. After all, we had spent 1.5 glorious weeks together with him and me home together. I too was dreading the return to work.

Luckily it was really slow today with cancellations left and right so I made it home early. A friend suggested I call Jacob’s pediatrician because there has been a lot of the flu going around these days. So I called and we’re going in after he wakes up from his nap.

When Jacob is sick, logic, reasoning and calmness go out the window. There is the other spectrum of this continuum (e.g., my husband) who thinks Jacob needs to build his immune system and the pediatrician isn’t going to do anything that we wouldn’t do already (encourage fluids, watch his urine output, behavior, give Advil and check temperatures, etc.). But in this case, with the flu being so prevalent, she’d give Tamiflu! So again, pat on the back for being cautious instead of thinking I know everything.

So, the nanny says he is napping comfortably and is playing well and eating well. I will keep you updated on his condition as soon as I can!


Thank you, 2017!

Happy NYE, everyone! I’m amazed at how quickly the year has flown by.  As I was running errands this morning, I was trying to remember what I did for NYE/D last year and I couldn’t remember!

The week between Christmas and NYD is always a blur. The day after Christmas and NYD should be a holiday! Usually the hospitals are pretty slow anyway.  We were in sunny San Diego for Christmas, just Jeff, Jacob and me. We usually go to Bozeman, Montana but this year we couldn’t make it because Jeff was supposed to work 12/26 and by the time we knew he could get the day off, flights were over $1,000 each so we said we’d make our holiday traditions for our family.

What holiday traditions can you do with an almost 2-year-old who doesn’t know too much about Christmas?  I said we definitely would go to Christmas Eve mass, then read a Christmas book before nighttime, the entire family would sleep in matching pajamas and then when we wake up, we open presents and take pictures in our matching PJs!

My first time making Caramel Monkey Bread! I had no idea the bread expands so much!
Family photo! Jacob is getting good at making faces!
My elf beach baby!

My sister-in-law usually makes a mean prime rib so we decided to try that for this year as well. It was delicious! And Jacob gobbled it up too.

Where’s the beef???

Jacob has also been super excited that I’ve been home this week because he has stuck to me 24/7. He won’t nap by himself like he usually does and he won’t go to bed at night by himself. He wants to be held and rocked to sleep. So, this week has felt like a month with the wake/sleep cycles that I’ve had these last few days.

Loving cereal these days!
Go Chicago!
Tidepooling in December!
My Beach Baby!

Alas, 2017 is coming to a close and I usually get sappy/cheesy reflecting on what the year has taught me and how I hope to improve things in 2018.

2017 had my little Jacob turn 1 years old. I am so thankful he is a healthy and loving and adorable little boy.  Work has been flexible and wonderful as far as work goes. Jeff has been great, his family and my family are doing well.

The biggest sadness for me in 2017 was the passing of my grandmother in August. It was the first death in my family and the loss of my most favorite person in the world. I think of her everyday and know she is in Heaven with her bff, Jesus, her husband and all her Saint friends. She is literally and figuratively in Heaven.

My usual 2018 resolutions include:

(1) Be more flexible

(2) Host more get-togethers and BBQs (and thus keep the house cleaner)

(3) Eat healthy.

I look forward to what 2018 has in store for us! I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year’s celebration!

New Year’s Resolutions start 1/2/18!


I love you and miss you, Halmunee (Grandmother)!

PSA: Please disclose if there is a sick child at your party!

Jacob had a busy weekend on Sunday attending 2 holiday parties!  The first one was for a neighbor/friend who was hosting a Christmas Pajamas Brunch.  The child of the hostess is a few months younger than Jacob and I noticed he had a pretty obvious runny nose. Uh oh, as Jacob is playing with and trying to touch everything new at their house, the Doctor Mom in me cringed thinking, Uh oh, I wish they had told us he had a runny nose. We only stayed for a little bit and had to go to another birthday party.

Touching everything!

Our second was a birthday party for a coworker whose son was turning 3. I had hung out a few times with his wife and her Mom group when I was on maternity leave almost 2 years ago. I was excited to see them and see how Jacob could keep up with the rest of the kids. I also, in full disclosure, was a bit apprehensive about meeting new people and this new Mom and kid world. I had been used to my own friends and my own group and I heard stories about the competitive nature of these mom groups. I had advised myself ahead of time that I was going to be friendly and introduce Jacob and me.

Our friend had a lovely backyard with a bounce house in the backyard. I was thinking, Oh no, a bounce house is so dangerous and I’ve heard stories of broken bones, noses and many trips to the ER because of these! But, I said, I would watch Jacob like a hawk and I would try to keep my super OCD nature at bay for the sake of Jacob.

The boys were 3-5years old and it’s amazing how much a year can make a difference in play. Jacob was interested in playing in the bounce house but not necessarily with them. The boys were familiar with each other since they have been part of the Moms’ group for their entire lives.  At one point, a group of the boys were trying to ‘get’ Jacob with inflatable swords and noodles (the bounce house turns into a splash pool in the summer).

My MAMA fight response went UP and I was ready to pounce on these kids. The parents seemed to watch the older kids from a distance whereas I was close by because Jacob was young. I watched for a second, thinking, Oh no, Jacob is the only one dressed up with a nice shirt/pants and a bowtie. He’s going to the youngest/’nerdiest’ kid that is going to get picked on. Part of me then wondered, am I the one who’s supposed to intervene or are the older kids’ parents supposed to intervene and remind their kids to be inclusive and welcoming and not hit people?

No other parents came around so I had to step in and said to the kids, let’s be gentle to your youngest friend.  Eventually my friend came and told his boys ‘No hitting’.  What a whole new world? Whose job is it to run interference when you see kids not acting their best?

We were getting ready to leave but then it was cupcake time. Oh no, I thought, he’s never going to sleep if he eats a cupcake. My husband a week ago, gave Jacob some chocolate mousse pie and it was like Jacob was on crack! But we didn’t want him to feel left out of the festivities so I figured a few bites of a cupcake (minus the frosting, of course) would be okay. Haha, boy was that a mistake! I dropped the boys off at home to meet with a girlfriend to see Thor 3 (Finally!) and Jacob wouldn’t sleep. It probably also didn’t help that Jeff had football on TV but that’s a separate topic for another day! 🙂


Upset because I wouldn’t let him bring a plastic hockey stick into the Bounce house. Maybe he is smarter than I thought.
Finally asleep after a car ride.


Monday I get a text from the hostess that a kid from the party went to their pediatrician for a fever and was found to test positive for the flu. OH NO!!!! So of course, Monday Jacob has a runny nose and Tuesday, I have a stuffy/runny nose filled with sinus tension and Jacob has super crusties. Sigh. Sick kids should NOT go to parties, am I right?

Jacob is acting his usual awesome self through me dragging him through Nordstrom (one stop shopping). I tried to get a picture with the mall Santa but I didn’t have patience to wait for Santa’s helpers and families who had no sense of hustle.

Ready to hit Nordstrom!
Ooooh pretty!
Let’s go, Mama!!!

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

Thanksgiving, Chicago, Christmas is so close!

Work has been getting busy with the usual end of the year busy-ness. I’ve been working long days and was preparing for Thanksgiving and BAM! it’s already December 14! Where did the time go?

Jeff’s parents came for Thanksgiving and they stayed with us.  We have a 2-bedroom so they stayed in Jacob’s room and Jacob’s crib was in our room. Jacob loved it- he loved to wake up in the middle of the night and want to sleep with me! I secretly loved to cuddle with him but also wished I could sleep!  Sometimes I’d get very melodramatic and think ‘I can’t live like this!!’ when Jacob wanted to play instead of sleep.  I get nostalgic about my pre-baby Turkey Trots with the last few Thanksgivings. They were so much fun to wake up early, get your jog on before stuffing your face with Bloody Mary, Mimosas or champagne and food.  Sigh. I do miss the turkey trot but I also love sleeping in more. We went on a family walk in the morning instead.

Someone finally figured out snapchat!
His fav? Corn! Eating on the veranda in November!
Excited for the saw!
He’s getting posing for pictures down!
He didn’t want to leave the Christmas tree farm
Someone is excited!
Beach time with Grandma
My beach baby

This is the first holiday season without my grandmother .  We took a family trip to Chicago this past weekend to see my family before the end of the year, visit my grandmother and celebrate my friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday (Dohl in Korean).  I was dreading going from 70+ degree Santa Ana warm weather to 20+ degree cold weather.

In my usual hot mess fashion these days, I could not find my sleeping bag jacket aka long North Face jacket. I bought this in Chicago during residency so the jacket is probably 10 years old and I definitely have gotten my money’s worth from it! I thought I had packed it away in the winter clothes section but that was nowhere to be found. I turned the house upside down looking for it but to no avail. I wonder where it went! Thankfully my mom has the same coat (awesome Christmas present for a family member!) so I was able to wear hers.

Jacob had no problem with the cold. He didn’t want to wear his mittens. It was super cute to see him go outside, be silent from the cold and then watch his cheeks turn rosy red. It was so fun to snuggle and kiss him and warm him up. We spent the weekend seeing friends, driving back and forth in the suburbs and city and eating lots of delicious food!  We stayed downtown and had fun walking around downtown seeing all the Christmas lights.

In front of the Hancock building
Jacob loves the Shedd
Family selfie with a snapper. Blurry as usual. 
Look, Ma! Turtles!
SanSooGapSan 2 days in a row. Yum

The saddest and most joyous part of my trip was being able to visit with my grandmother. I miss her so much and wanted nothing but to hug her and show her how much Jacob has grown.   I still have flashbacks and moments of anxiety when I think of how she passed away but I have to take a deep breath, think of her in Heaven with Jesus and her husband and try to keep things positive.

Jacob and his Great-Grandmother through the years
Missing my grams

Now we are back home in San Diego and back to real life. Work has been a few long days but thankfully I am not working tomorrow. There is lots to do- Christmas shopping, send out Christmas cards, organize my life to prepare for the new year.  I will update more about work and life soon. In the meantime, stay warm and hydrated, Friends!

Sorry, Santa! & Jacob!
He missed his buddies

Fall Back

There’s nothing like coming home from a weekend getaway and Daylight Savings ending than your toddler waking up at 3:50am.

We went to Michigan this past weekend to visit friends and to go to a Penn State vs Michigan State football game. Unfortunately, it rained and it was 40 degrees and windy so the ladies and kids stayed back for the game.  It was a good thing because there was a 3-hour game delay due to lightning in the stadium. And Penn State lost the game in the final 1 minute with a field goal.

Beautiful crisp fall weather
Eating Kix and Cheerios
He loved their stroller!

Our friends had a 3 and 5-year-old daughters and they were super adorable and sweet. It was fun to see Jacob follow these girls around and want to play with their toys.  They were very good about sharing and including Jacob in their activities (sometimes with the help of their parents). But Jacob laughed a lot and ran after them.

Jacob doesn’t sleep his usual amazing self when we are sleeping in the room with him.Whether it be a different crib/pack & play, weather, darkness, time change, he didn’t want to go to sleep by himself and woke up wanting to sleep with us. Of course I indulged because (1) I didn’t want to wake the other houseguests, (2) I secretly loved cuddling with him.   Unfortunately, he squirms so much my sleep was interrupted and I needed to nap.

He also tends not to eat very well when he travels.  On the way there, he only wanted milk and yogurt/applesauce. No surprise when he had watery poops and then an irritated bottom.  During the weekend, he only wanted to eat more fruit and milk, some dry cereal. I kicked myself for not bringing Calmoseptine with me.  Calmoseptine is THE best diaper ointment for an irritated booty.  I had stared at it the morning we left but forgot to bring it. I slathered Aquaphor and changed his diaper more often.

Jacob’s poor sleep contributed to him sleeping well on the flight home. It was great to cuddle more and have a calm non-Tazmanian devil while in a tight space. Jacob was a very happy, fun baby despite his diet and gastrointestinal distress.  And we both were super happy to be home in ‘cold’ 60-degree San Diego weather.

I could watch him sleep forever
Bundled up in cold SD weather

It was torture leaving him this morning to go to work. He cried and cried and didn’t want to let me go.  I felt guilty leaving him when he wasn’t back to his normal self.  The nanny said he ate a lot during the day and had a nice non-diarrhea poop so we are on the right track.

Happy in his own crib! Hopefully he’ll stay asleep the entire night!

Lessons learned from this trip:

(1) If your toddler doesn’t want to eat food, don’t provide acidic foods (strawberries, pickles, applesauce) just because he wants to eat them.

(2) ALWAYS bring your just-in-case diaper ointment because inevitably you will need it.

Eights weeks to Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful start to the holiday season!


Halloween #2

This year was Jacob’s 2nd Halloween.  For his 1st Halloween, I stalked Pinterest and Etsy and purchased 3 costumes ahead of time. This year, he was into fish, tools and Daniel Tiger so I got him a costume that had minimal head gear- a Nemo costume last-minute from Target for $20.


I am missing that creative artistic  gene. I see friends who plan great costumes for themselves and their children (Beyonce, David Bowie, Cars, Indiana Jones, Moana) and I feel bad for Jacob that I am not one of those women. I also am somewhat too cheap to spend a lot of money on a costume that I would  wear only once.  Unfortunately, that same thought semi-applied to my wedding dress.

Our town of La Jolla hosts a ‘Pillage the Village’ event where businesses host Trick or Treaters from 3-6pm. Last year, Jacob fell asleep after 2 stores. This year, he napped at home until 4:30 and by the time we got to the streets at 5, many stores had run out of candy and streets were empty as most families appeared to go home to enjoy their stash.


I got him a pumpkin basket ($1) and he seemed to enjoy picking candy and putting it into the pumpkin. He wouldn’t wear his Nemo hood long enough for a decent photo.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween filled with lots of treats!

Pumpkin Patch Day!

When do moms have time to write?  At the end of a long work day, there is dinner to be made, kid to put to sleep, dishes to be done, and then couch time!

This week was a long one. Wednesday, I got home at 7:30pm. I hadn’t seen Jacob all day so I asked my husband to keep him awake a little bit longer so I could play with him. He was sleepy and I thought I could swoop in and snuggle in for bedtime. That plan backfired because when he saw me, he got super excited and wanted to play.  I put him in the crib in our usual fashion but he bolted up and cried and cried and cried because he wanted me to hold him.  After a few attempts of putting my hand on his chest through the crib rails, I had to let him cry it out a little bit.


Thursday I had to leave for work at 5:40am so I missed him in the morning. Thankfully it was a shorter work day and I was off on Friday so I felt a little bit better about missing him in the morning. The end of the day could not come fast enough but finally it was over!  As grumpy as I was for missing my Wednesday and Thursday with him, I had to remind myself that I rarely have to work late or super early!

We planned to go to the Pumpkin Patch Friday morning in Del Mar when it wouldn’t be so busy and the weather was cooler. San Diego has been having a bit of a heat wave (80s) and the afternoons would get too hot and sunny. I know, I don’t know how we make it through the days here. Last Halloween was Jacob’s 1st Halloween and we had a blast at the Pumpkin Patch!


It was a pumpkin ‘farm’ that was created by putting some hay on top of asphalt and had rows of pre-selected pumpkins available for sale.  The farm also had a lot  of rides and games. There was no hay ride,unfortunately.

There were some rides that Jacob wanted to ride. He didn’t want to ride by himself so I rode cars and the train with him. And then he didn’t want to exit the ride when it was done.  The other parents smiled in empathy as Jacob sat and cried before I had to scoop him up. The doctor mom in me looked at the bounce house and big inflatable slide and imagined all the potential dangers like broken teeth, elbows in the face, flying off the slide, sliding face first and mapped which ER would we go to. Would those worries ever go away?

1st ride!
Noooo, I don’t want to get out of the car!
All aboard!!!
Choo choooo!

There was a bigger crowd than I had imagined for a Monday morning. Lots of moms and children maybe 4-5 years old.  It turns out a lot of schools were there for a field trip. As I looked around at all the moms (few dads) there, I had to wonder, are these most stay-at-home Moms (SAHMs)?  Ninety percent of them were holding Starbucks cups, well-dressed and many BOB and double BOB strollers in tow.

To be brutally honest, I was nervous about what my future would hold. I silently promised Jacob and myself that I would ‘dress up’ in something fancier than Lululemon leggings and hoodies and put some makeup on. I knew I would have to interact with other moms and kids in the future aka play well with others in the sandbox.  Most of my days have been interacting with my friends whom I’ve known for 20+ years or other physician parents.  I try to interact with other moms at the playground but I usually am working and Jacob is there with the nanny or they have their own cliques and don’t pay attention to anyone else’s kids or people. Excuses aside, I know I will have to be open and social in this new world!

I welcome any advice from experienced parents in this arena.  Happy Halloween and Pumpkin Spice Latte season!

Let’s take off all the price tags from the pumpkins!
I think these pumpkins weigh more than me, Ma!
Whew! I’m beat from picking pumpkins!

One-Course Meals

Last week, my little guy ate only Kimchee for dinner.  He usually loves rice mixed with soy sauce and sesame seeds. But last night, he only wanted Kimchee (rinsed with water). It was fresh from the Korean market that day and it was very delicious.

Since then, he has these unusual meals consisting of a single course.  We keep a daily log so it wasn’t that he had had extra snacks before his mealtimes.  Our pediatrician said toddlers get picky with eating so not to worry. But it makes cooking for him challenging because I have to make different things in hopes that he’ll eat something else other than his one course.  Thankfully, I don’t worry as much since he is still pooping like a champ!

Some of his meals include 1.5 Claussen pickles, 1 slice of Farmer John’s ham, a big bowl of grapes.  Yesterday, his dinner was a big bowl of cantaloupe.  Jeff and I were chowing down on Papa John’s pizza. Usually he loves pizza!

YUMMMM! Gimme that pizza!

I wonder if he’s going to be a selective eater.  When he was younger, after he had finally outgrown his food allergies, he ate everything! He used to love salmon, eggs and avocados. Now he won’t eat any of the super nutritious (and easy to cook) foods!

If anyone has advice to get selective eaters to eat more than one course, I’d love your words of wisdom. He seems lean to me already!   He won’t even try one bite- he closes his mouth and says NO!

Here are some cutie pics of all the fun I missed while at work today.

I got home early and took him to the aquarium. He refused to walk by himself though so I had to carry him for a big chunk of the visit. Next time, I’ll have to bring the ERGO with me.

Thank you for sharing my day with me. Now it’s time to sit and watch a little TV. His choice tonight was Sight Words Level 3!

The love for this Barca lounger must be genetic.