My baby is 2!

It’s been a while since I’ve written… I’ve been planning Jacob’s birthday party, trying to coordinate both parentals’ arrivals and hotel stays, figure out Jacob’s school situation and going to see Open Houses, and working!

Today is Jacob’s birthday but we had his party yesterday. Luckily the weather in San Diego cooperated- sunny, no wind, low tide. You’d think it’d be perfect all the time but the last few weeks were windy, gray, cold, 50s!

The party theme was fishing/tidepool because Jacob loves all things water, fishing, ocean.  The plan was for a relaxed and fun few hours with pizza, Korean food, salad, etc. We were expecting about 35-40 adults (including Jeff and me and our parents) and 10-15 kids around Jacob’s age. Of course, I wanted to make sure we had more than enough food. and boy, did we ever!

Helping load the tables and chair for my partay!

It seems no matter my age, I will be annoyed with my parents. I keep thinking and praying, when I will let things roll off my back?  I had my mom order the Korean catered food to help her feel more involved. She misunderstood what I had asked because when I picked up the food, the Kim bap (Korean ‘sushi rolls’ with cooked protein/vegetables) to Mandoo (aka potstickers, gyoza, dumplings) were about 5:1.  People (especially me) LOVE mandoo and can eat 5-10 at once. We had enough for maybe 1 per person. I freaked out and got upset.

Of course, I regretted it later and apologized but why does this vicious cycle always happen? I pray about it and try to work on it. In true melodramatic fashion, I asked, Why is God testing me? But more importantly, why do I keep failing????!?   I MUST work on this while my parents are here with me the next few days.

The party was a hit- the kids had fun tide pooling and playing at the beach. The adults ate a lot of food, drank some mimosas and beer, met new and old friends and saw Jacob be the wild man that he was. I got him a little personal cake so he could blow out the candle himself (he is learning to blow out candles but still manages to include spit with his air) and he devoured the cake! It was a sight to see!

Trying to steal one more juice box!
Who put the trees in the water? (I did)

All that running around, juice and sugar didn’t tire him out for his afternoon nap. He was in good spirits all afternoon. We were watching the closing ceremony of the Olympics and he fell asleep in my lap around 5:30pm. I thought he’d wake up at 9pm and then be up forever but luckily he slept through the night until 6am! Lucky us!

Saving some cereal for later!

We opened the birthday gifts today with the grandparents helping him open and play with the toys. He doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of opening gifts but it was funny to see him lean toward a few favorites.

I can’t believe my little guy is 2 years old already.  Last year’s big 1st birthday was in Chicago so my grandmother could attend the festivities. It made me realize how much I miss her and wish she could see Jacob and how he is growing to be a little man.

Jacob and his great-grandmother (02/26/17)

Happy Birthday to Jacob!!!

His new Harley
I forgot to hang these banners at the party yesterday!
Wanted to carry his diaper bag… The thought of him going to school made me sad!

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Anesthesiologist by day, Mom to a fearless threenager and almost-toddler boys by day/night/dawn 24/7!

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