Self-care and turning __0!!!

Where has the time gone? I seem to start a lot of my blogs/emails/texts with that saying…

It’s been almost a month since I wanted to write about my girls’ trip and being away from the family. A few months ago, a few friends and I decided we were overdue for a girls’ trip. One of our friends is pregnant with her first, our other friend has 2 toddler children, one another friend has no children (so envious! But she couldn’t make it) and me. We only had a short weekend (Fri-Sun) for our trip so we didn’t want to go somewhere far, expensive, labor-intensive, you get the idea.

What kind of vacation can you imagine for a mom or woman in general? Hm… let’s come up with a few ideal features, in no specific order:

  • Adults only- no children
  • Warm weather- lounge by the pool, etc.
  • No need to cook- all-inclusive, restaurants nearby, room service
  • No need to drive- all-inclusive, restaurants/activities nearby
  • Not too expensive-flights, hotels/housing, activities
  • Not too far- short car/plane/train ride
  • No concern of bugs/Zika/danger

One of our friends has been to an all-inclusive (except alcohol) spa/nature resort. I had no idea the States had all-inclusive resorts.   We wanted to stay in the States because of the Zika and safety concerns. It was a little bit of a splurge, okay, a pretty big splurge. You get a $175 per night resort credit that you can use toward an activity or spa service. All meals and snacks were included in the price as well. Alcohol was the only thing that wasn’t included. So if you broke it down, it was just a little more than usual. BUT I rarely do anything like this for myself so my husband was able to be off-call to “babysit” and off we went!!!

The days leading up to the trip were filled with guilt and doubt… Why did I say I’d go on this trip? I’m going to miss the kids so much! What if something happens to me and the boys are left without their mom? Intermixed with these thoughts were thoughts of wonder… I wonder what it’s like to sleep freely without kids. I wonder if I can sleep through the night. I wonder what it’ll be like to eat and drink in peace. I wonder what it’ll be like to pack for just myself!

 The packing process seemed ridiculously easy. Of course, I made my list a few days prior and my luggage and carryon seemed ridiculously light. I kept feeling like I was forgetting something. There was so much room in my little carryon and personal item!

Leaving the house on the day of was a little saddening, I’m not going to lie. #1 was still sleeping but #2 was awake and so cute, I couldn’t handle leaving him!!! But once we were at the airport, met up with my friends, got some breakfast and coffee, it got a little easier. I felt slightly guilty that I didn’t meal prep for the boys but the house was stocked with food/snack options and I thought they’d either eat out or eat mandoo and ramen all weekend.

What did us girls talk about while together? We talked about kids, childrearing, nanny issues, work stressors, finances, etc. we ate, slept, did some yoga, worked out and chilled really in the humid Texas heat. We face-timed with our kids, texted with husbands, checked in on the kiddos and slept/napped. It was heavenly!!!

The kids didn’t behave as well for Dad as they do for me. Part of me laughed but part of me felt guilty for leaving my husband with 2 cranky boys. I wondered if dads/husbands feel this kind of guilt or spend this much time worrying/thinking about life back home. I definitely cherished the time with my friends and time to myself to recharge and rejuvenate. This is some much needed me time!

What else has been going on? In a month, I turn the big FOUR-O! It doesn’t seem that big of a deal to me but I seem to be having some kind of mid-life crisis. I am not where I imagined I would be physically thanks to my herniated disc/back issues but otherwise I have no complaints about life! We are going to Chicago for my grandmother’s memorial and we’re also celebrating Cameron’s 1st birthday in Chicago. Then we head to Pennsylvania for Jeff’s parents’ wedding anniversary and family reunion. And when we get back, BAM! It’s my birthday!

A lot of people seem to be having big birthday bashes. I had a big one when I turned 30!  Dirty thirty, LOL. I’d like to spend this birthday quietly with my family and then maybe dinner and a movie with hubster.  Oh, how I sort of wish I was 30 again. What would I do differently? Make smarter choices, be/show more gratitude, take better care of my skin, and wear more sunblock are just a few major ones. But I love where my life has taken me. I promise to be cheesy on my next few blogs as I reflect on becoming and being 40!

The boys are doing well. Cameron is a happy, super chill little big guy. He still likes to wake up in the middle of the night (he’s in our room) and likes to cuddle. Jacob is a threenager learning to navigate the world and is in love with all things trains. They’ve been in twice-a-week swim lessons which is such a joy! He is a very ‘physical’ person with his friends and Cameron, which I will talk about also in a future blog. I look at him and wonder where my baby went.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and keeping cool.

How do you incorporate self-care into your routine? Please share your secrets how to survive and overcome the daily grind.



Author: trustmeimadoctormom

Anesthesiologist by day, Mom to a fearless threenager and almost-toddler boys by day/night/dawn 24/7!

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