ISO: Queen of Multi-Tasking

I used to think I was the Queen of Multi-Tasking- I’d have multiple windows and tabs open, researching/buying different things, I could work on my laptop, iphone and watch TV and be able to focus and remember everything that was going on in front of me. That all went out the window a while ago but has definitely become a more acute issue recently.

Example 1: Last November, I was supposed to buy airline tickets to Hawaii for my husband’s birthday vacation trip.  Around December, when I found out a friend was going to be in Hawaii at the same time, I started looking through my email to find our flight itinerary to compare times. I could not find that email anywhere. Jeff said it wasn’t in his email. Finally after a phone call to the airlines, it confirmed that there was no purchases itinerary. Looking back, I can remember where I was, trying to get dinner ready and trying to hurriedly buy these tickets at the amazing price they were at.  I vaguely also remember not having filled in any passenger information or credit card. DOH! Thankfully the tickets were not too much more expensive or else we would’ve ended up with a staycation!

Example 2:  With my smells aversion, I wanted to buy some new Bath & Body Works hand soap.  They’re always on sale and I was excited to buy these new Luxe soaps and try some new scents.  I didn’t want to pay extra for expedited shipping so I waited patiently. Then 2 weeks go by and there’s still no soap, no email saying the items have been shipped, nothing.  Again, I had to call B&BW and found out that there was no order confirmation. DOH! Not again! I was running low on soap and was going by bar soap! So, I quickly ordered some more soap and hit ‘Confirm Order’.

Is there such a thing as pregnancy brain? Is that what it is? Is it fatigue? overstimulation?   Is it because nowadays these online retails make you ‘Confirm the order now’ after you already input your credit card info? Sigh! I need to slow down and stop pretending that I can multi-task the way I used to.

This past weekend, my cousin, Steve, his wife and their 2.5-year-old daughter, Emma came to visit San Diego and us.  I was super excited to see them because I haven’t hung out with Steve in probably 20 years or so!  We had a blast.  We ate on the veranda, went to Liberty Station, explored the Safari Park and hiked Torrey Pines.  Jacob and Emma first met when they were almost 1.5 and 2 in Chicago for my grandmother’s funeral/wake.  They weren’t really too interested in each other or playing together then. This time was different- they would call out for each other, hug, hold hands, play together. Sharing is going to take a little bit of work but I hear that will come with time.

Emma is the sweetest gal in the world. She is light years ahead of Jacob – she is potty trained, can speak in full sentences, knows the words to several songs and can sing, can speak Spanish and Korean, listens to her parents… just as sweet as sweet can be!

Exploring Liberty Market to digest our Buona Forchetta dinner
Faster Dad, Faster!!!!
Let’s go go go! I’ll navigate, Jacob! Where should we go next?


Hanging out with Emma and Jacob made me realize that perhaps having 2 kids wouldn’t be so bad! And having a daughter seems fun. Of course, Emma is a result of Steve and Emma’s cool and awesome genes and their amazing parenting.  And that’s also skipping ahead of the newborn/4th trimester, sleep training, teething, etc. stages.

I fear/ed having a daughter to some degree. My mom is a no-nonsense, non-traditional kind of woman and grew up in a conservative, non-Disney influenced environment.  I worry about the influence of Disney princesses and social/peer pressures.  However, I realize, I need to trust in our family and work to raise a self-confident, well-adjusted daughter AND son who can balance and overcome these pressures.

We’ll find out the sex of the baby at delivery! Everyone is convinced and praying for a girl to join our family!  I loved seeing my family and wish we could live closer.  Did any of you have fears/apprehension about having a son or daughter?  Everyone thinks Dos is going to be a girl. And I’m beginning to tell myself, a daughter wouldn’t be so bad!

Post-safari park naptime. A few minutes of adult time! Woohoo!
Water break! I think we need to go that way, Emma!
Smiles after gelato. Buddies for life.



Author: trustmeimadoctormom

Anesthesiologist by day, Mom to a fearless threenager and almost-toddler boys by day/night/dawn 24/7!

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