I have a Threenager!

I’m now a mom of a threenager! I have been emotional and nostalgic for Jacob’s baby days. As I looked through pictures from the day before he was born (induction thanks to post-dates) and the day he was born, I can’t help but wonder where all the time went and miss the good ole ‘easy’ baby days. He is a little man now- he has opinions, stories, nonstop energy and a neverending curiosity for all things nature and outdoors. Where is my baby?

The way he looks at ice cream is pure joy !

We decided to go with experiences for Jacob’s birthday rather than have a birthday party this year. Last Friday, Jeff and I took him to Legoland. It was the first time for all of us and I was nervous. I had no idea what to expect but had heard it was a lot of fun. Jeff didn’t think we needed a stroller, hat or hoodie for him and Jacob. On our drive up there, I discovered he thought the park was indoors and didn’t realize it was a large, outdoors theme park. Luckily, I grabbed a jacket for Jacob and Jeff had a hat in the car.

Legoland was super fun despite not having a lot of rides that Jacob could ride yet. Jacob isn’t too into Legos right now but maybe we should try to introduce him to more. We have MegaBloks that he likes to build with but is more about playing with trains, cars and trucks. I have become my dad and easily dizzy-ed by any kind of ride. Legoland also confirmed what Jeff and I already knew about ourselves. We don’t like to wait in line for anything (food, rides) so we will avoid parks/activities on the weekend whenever possible. We did a lot of walking (2.6 miles) in a 3-hour span. Jacob was a trooper and walked most of the way as well. He passed out in the car on the drive home despite a morning full of ice cream and potato chips!

On Jacob’s birthday, my parents and I took Jacob to Sea World. The only time I went to Sea World was when I was 7 years old and in Orlando. I barely remember the Disney trip and vaguely remember seeing Shamu and wanting a killer whale stuffed animal. He loved the dolphins and bat rays and we rode a ride that made me crazy dizzy and wishing Jeff was there to ride with him. Jacob was more intrigued with a toy train that I bought for him and running to the Slushee stand whenever he saw one. As hard as it was for me to say no to him, his diet was already more sugar than nutrients that day so I had to say no.

How old are you, buddy?

My husband and I are a two-physician household and I am flabbergasted at how expensive entry into these parks are. Park entry for 3+ years old is about $100- for one visit!!! The parks then offer annual membership passes for a little bit more- like $150 or so. If there’s any chance you’d go to the park again, it makes sense to buy a membership. Not only do we have to consider entry, we have to purchase food and souvenirs. My very-frugal mom raaarely purchased any souvenirs for me – she called them trinkets and said they were a waste of money. She was right! As always! So when Jacob asks for toys, my heart wants to say yes but my mind says to be practical and say no.

It melted my heart to see the smile on Jacob’s face and his natural curiosity to explore and touch everything about the park. His potty-training success was good as I came prepared with Ziploc bags so he can pee right then/there. I don’t know why more parents don’t do that. At what age are children able to hold their pee/poop to make it to a bathroom? What if there’s a line? Jacob needs constant reminder and to be given options/plans (e.g., let’s pee first and then get some milk). We’ve had a few regression/accidents these last few weeks. We’ve gone to pull-ups at naps and nights but he’s been overflowing his pull-ups (even with fluid restriction and peeing right before sleeping) so we are trying diapers again. More on that later.


I would like to take this time to give myself a big pat on the back for keeping Jacob alive for 3 years. Most of the first few years was in a state of hotmess-ness. I had no idea what I was doing- finding my way amidst a sea of cluelessness, anxiety, fear, insecurity, emotions and OCDness. There were also many Liters of tears shed from joy, frustration, and guilt. I never imagined myself as having kids and being a Mom… And I look back and wish I had given myself a little more grace during this time of new phase of our lives. I will try to do that as I continue my motherhood journey. If you know me, you know how cheesy I can be so excuse the cheese. Being a mom and doctor mom is hard work. But somehow with the help of God, a village of family and friends, we have all survived!


What emotions/thoughts go through your minds and hearts when it’s your child(ren)’s birthday(s)?


Author: trustmeimadoctormom

Anesthesiologist by day, Mom to a fearless threenager and almost-toddler boys by day/night/dawn 24/7!

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